My passion is to take vintage pieces and update them for functionality and aesthetics for your home and needs. Furniture pieces can vary from treasured family heirlooms, to reusing a piece, to an item from my unfinished inventory. I love working with my client's visions to redesign their own unique piece.

Refinish,Refurbish, Redesign




Express your needs and desires for your home, and I will search and locate the perfect piece for you. Once found, we will discuss redesign options and get to work making your vision a reality!!!

Locating Pieces for Customization





I have the ability to custom build certain pieces and limited upholstery. 

Custom Building and Upholstery




I would love to hear your ideas, and create whatever you are envisioning. Send me a message or e-mail anytime, and we can get started. 

Let's Talk!